Sunday, September 02, 2007

Cassie Was Here

Hickey, Caroline. 2007. Cassie Was Here.

Bree is an eleven year old girl who wishes she could be thirteen just like the girl-next-door Cassie. Cassie is so different. She’s older. She’s wilder. She’s vibrant. And compared to her new friend, Bree feels she is...well, rather boring. But Bree also learns that sometimes you’ve just got to be yourself and hope people like you for that. Bree isn’t really boring in the traditional sense either. Most “boring” kids aren’t eleven and still playing with their imaginary friends. But while Bree has her quirks, she really begins to learn more about herself during this turbulent summer.

Overall, Cassie Was Here is an enjoyable book.

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Caroline Hickey said...

Thanks for the review, Becky! I'm glad you enjoyed the book.