Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Best Frenemy

My Best Frenemy. Julie Bowe. 2010. May 2010. Penguin. 240 pages.

I'm Ida May and you probably think that I'm skipping school, because it's 9:00 on a Wednesday morning and I'm not there.

This is the third book in Julie Bowe's Friends for Keeps series. (The first two are My Last Best Friend and My New Best Friend.)

In this book, Ida May is facing some new challenges. As kids are returning from winter vacation, Ida May is finding some people have changed a little too much. Her best friend, Stacey, isn't acting much like a best friend. (And it seems that something big has happened over the break to separate Jenna and Brooke.) Some of these changes (like eye shadow) have been banned from the classroom. But others may be banned a little too late. Like the game of Truth and Dare. When daring becomes the "it" thing, it means one thing for Ida May and her friends: trouble.

I loved this one. I did. I just love, love, loved it. I really enjoyed the first one. And I did love the second one. It was such a great book. But this one really showed me just how great this series is. I love the characters. I love the stories. I love how these relationships are developing. I love the writing too. I love Ida May. She makes such a great narrator. She's so believable! (I would so want to be her friend, her best friend, you know, if she were real and I was a kid again.)

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Shelley said...

I can't decide if the word "frenemy" is healthily realistic, or a sad comment on our fragmented culture....