Sunday, May 09, 2010

This World We Live In (YA)

This World We Live In. Susan Beth Pfeffer. 2010. April 2010. Narrated by Emily Bauer. Listening Library. 6 hours, 53 minutes.

I was happy to get the chance to listen to Susan Beth Pfeffer's This World We Live In on audiobook. The book continues Miranda's story from Life As We Knew It. It is great that both books are narrated by Emily Bauer. Both books are in journal or diary format. And listening to these diaries makes for a personal experience. I felt like Miranda was talking directly to me. (I'm not quite sure you get that same connection reading the books.) It was definitely intense at times because this book is bleakity-bleak.

To read my thoughts on the novel, see my review.

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Unknown said...

I liked the first book for the same reason when I listened to it. I thought the diary format suited it perfectly.