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Some Girls Are

Some Girls Are. Courtney Summers. 2010. January 2010. St. Martins Press. 256 pages.

Hallowell High:
You're either someone or you're not.
I was someone. I was Regina Afton, Anna Morrison's best friend. These weren't small things, and despite what you may think, at the time they were worth keeping my mouth shut for.

Regina was someone. Now she's not. It's just that simple. (Except nothing is ever that simple, is it?) Her downfall started with a party where she was the designated driver. By Monday morning, Regina's friends have turned on her. Why? They've heard how she betrayed her friend at the party. (But is it true? Does anyone even care?)

Who will Regina eat lunch with now? The answer may be surprising because it's not only that Regina was popular. It's that Regina and Anna--her former best friend--were bullies. Together they ruled over everyone. Making anyone who wasn't "someone" hate them, fear them. Those students--her former victims--now have reason to smile and celebrate. They're more than happy to join the I Hate Regina Afton YourSpace group to leave nasty comments. Regina is finally getting what she deserves. (But is she?) Is there anyone left to stand up for Regina? Anyone willing to give her a second chance? Anyone willing to forgive?

Regina isn't always an easy narrator to like. The reader learns about Regina's past behavior through the course of the novel and some of the things Regina's done are ugly, hateful, cruel, thoughtless. Is Regina capable of change?

Some Girls Are is a complex novel dealing with a couple of difficult issues including bullying. Regina is very human. I thought the author did great in showing her strengths and weaknesses.
I found Some Girls Are to be a compelling story. Very intense.

It does have mature content so it may not be for every reader.

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Thanks for the link! Courtney Summers does great unlikeable protagonists. It's quite an accomplishment!