Saturday, May 08, 2010

Zeus: King of the Gods (MG/YA)

Olympians: Zeus: King of the Gods. George O'Connor. First Second. (Graphic Novel) 80 pages.

Zeus is the first title in a new graphic novel series by George O'Connor. Zeus: King of the Gods is a great introduction to Greek mythology. Talk about dysfunctional families! Oh the power struggles that went on between parents and children.

Kronus is not a good father. No, he's eaten all his children. Or so he thinks. Zeus alone has escaped this fate. This graphic novel tells the story of how that son rose to do battle with his father, how he saved his brothers and sisters, and how the Olympians came to power.

For those looking for more information, you can find it in the back matter. I really liked discovering the Greek notes. Page by page (identified sometimes by the panel numbers), details are hidden away. Also included are fact sheets on Zeus, the Cyclopes, Metis, and Kronus. And then there are the discussion questions...

I did like this one. I'm not a big expert on graphic novels. I just read a handful a year, and I always feel slightly out of my element trying to discuss them. But. I do think readers will enjoy this one if they like mythology. There is plenty of action and adventure!

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