Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Death in the Stocks (1935)

Death in the Stocks. Georgette Heyer. 1935/2009. Sourcebooks. 314 pages.

Death in the Stocks may just be my favorite Georgette Heyer mystery so far. I really enjoyed Why Shoot A Butler, and, Envious Casca had its great moments. But. Death in the Stocks was so enjoyable throughout. Some murder mysteries take too long to introduce the corpse, that is NOT the case in Death in the Stocks! Readers get a chance to know all the suspects and work alongside the detectives in solving the mystery. Of course, not all the characters were lovely people that you'd want to spend time with. But were they CHARACTERS? they were! And sometimes that is just what I need in a good book!!!

My favorite characters were Giles Carrington and Inspector Hannasyde.

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