Thursday, June 27, 2013

They Found Him Dead (1937)

They Found Him Dead. Georgette Heyer. 1937. Sourcebooks. 325 pages

Some books should be read in a certain order. If only I had read They Found Him Dead before reading Duplicate Death, I think I would have enjoyed Duplicate Death SO much more if I'd met Jim Kane and Patricia Allison and Timothy Harte first in the pages of They Found Him Dead!

This mystery novel is vibrant and busy! Silas Kane died on his sixtieth birthday party--a tragic accident, so everyone believes except for the exuberant Timothy! He sees MYSTERY and CRIME everywhere he looks. But when Silas Kane's heir, Clement, is murdered just a short time later, others join Timothy in thinking that there is a killer in their midst! Jim Kane is the next heir, and Timothy and Miss Allison are worried that he'll be the next victim. And it appears the danger is very real as several attempts are made on his life...

Can Inspector Hannasyde and Inspector Hemingway solve the case in time? Will Timothy be a big help or a hindrance?

What I loved about this mystery novel is the characterization. Even when the characters were despicable--and a few of them were--there is something about them making them a joy to read about! This novel has so many QUIRKY characters. A few of the characters I really did love!

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