Monday, March 10, 2014

Rosie's Riveting Recipes

Rosie's Riveting Recipes: Cooking and Kitchen Tips from 1940s America. Daniela Turudich. 2003. Streamline Press. 288 pages. [Source: Library]

Rosie's Riveting Recipes was an interesting book to browse. It includes vintage tips and advice for food preparation. The introductory section includes vintage items like "Uncle Sam's Daily Food Rules (1943)," and "Equal to A Serving of Meat as a Source of Protein (1943)" and provides contemporary readers with context into the period. "Wartime diets changed to include: more eggs, more cheese, more grains, more chicken, more fish, less red meat" (16). And people were urged to..."extend meals containing minimal available meat with grains and fiber; stretch and substitute butter with margarine; substitute sugar with molasses or honey; make stews; eat more fruits and vegetables; grow their own fruits and vegetables; can excess food; eat salads; make vegetables, eggs, cheese, and grains center stage." (17) The focus is on making substitutes and economizing meals. For example, there are quite a handful of tips on how to extend butter by adding various things to it. There is also a helpful conversion chart showing what you can substitute for a "cup full of sugar" in all your recipes.

Most of the book is, of course, dedicated to sharing recipes. Like most traditional cook books, the book is divided into sections: "Soups & Salads," "Eggs & Cheese," "Fish," "Poultry," "Meats," "Vegetables," "Potatoes, Starches, & Legumes," "Stuffings & Dumplings," "Breads," "Desserts," and Canteen (Recipes for Large Groups).

Some recipes sound good. A few sound HORRIBLE. (Like the noodles, margarine, cottage cheese, horseradish dish!!!) 

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Suko said...

I wasn't expecting this cover, Becky! I like the idea of a historical cookbook.

Ms. Yingling said...

This sounds good. I also liked the Jane and Michael Stern Square Meals, since it had a good overview of vintage cooking.