Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Of Mice and Magic

Of Mice and Magic. Ursula Vernon. 2016. 225 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: Once upon a time, in a kingdom just over the next hill, there lived a fierce warrior hamster named Harriet Hamsterbone.

Premise/plot: Though no longer invincible Harriet still loves adventure. She seeks it out even. This second adventure has her doing a prince's job. She will seek the answer to a mystery in a nearby mouse kingdom, a mystery involving twelve princesses with worn out dancing shoes. Her secret weapon might be an invisiblility poncho that will allow her to do some spying!

My thoughts: Hamsters and mice and moles, oh my! I really loved this one! Harriet and Wilbur are back and we get to make friends with new characters as well, such as August and Gemini! This fantasy and adventure novel is just charming. I'd recommend it to almost any family, but readers should know that just as there are spells and curses and charms in Disney movies, this series has them as well.

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