Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How To Steal A Dog

How To Steal A Dog. Barbara O'Connor. 2007. 170 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: The day I decided to steal a dog was the same day my best friend, Luanne Godfrey, found out I lived in a car.

Premise/plot: Georgina and her brother, Toby, decide to steal a dog early in the novel. Why? Because she spots a missing dog poster offering a $500 reward. Since the three of them--her mother, her brother, herself--are living in a car, they need money anyway they can get it. First she'll steal a dog, a well-loved dog, a dog with wealthy-looking owners. Second, she'll wait until she sees missing posters up in the neighborhood. Third, she'll return the dog to the owner and get MONEY. She'll give the money to her mom, of course, and that money will help find them a place to live. That's the plan, but, does she have what it takes to carry it through?!

My thoughts: I really loved Barbara O'Connor's novel. I loved the strong narrative voice of Georgina. Our flawed heroine is easy to sympathize with most of the time. This was a quick and easy read with plenty of emotion. For a book with a dog on the cover, it proved surprisingly satisfying. NO DOGS DIE in this one.

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