Saturday, January 27, 2018

Me? Listen to Audio?! #3

I have discovered the joys of listening to BBC radio dramas. This is what I listened to this week:

Frankenstein. By Mary Shelley. Dramatised by Nick Stafford. 2 hours. (2 one hour episodes.) 

I've read Frankenstein many, many times. I definitely considered it one of my favorite, favorite books at one point in my life. I consider it to be one of those what-does-it-mean-to-be-human books. So I was quite excited to listen to a radio drama of it. I learn something new practically every time I read it...would that hold true for listening to it?

Listening to Frankenstein one definitely gets the danger and horror of it. My imagination fails me. I read sympathetically in my head, and don't hear the monster's voice as super creepy, spooky, or otherworldly. I also don't imagine him looking like a monster. In part because I really don't imagine what any character looks like in any book--whether the book be Frankenstein or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So the gothic-ness is strong and undeniable in this audio adaptation.

In Search of Mary Shelley. Fiona Sampson. Read by Stella Gonet. 1 hour, 10 minutes

I have not read the book. I did read this review of it. In college I took a course in the Romantics. Dr. Palmer had us study the lives and works of Mary Shelley, Percy Shelley, Lord Byron, and John Keats. I loved that the focus was this broad. Connecting their works with their lives--and in some cases with each other--has essentially made a lasting impact on me. It was impossible NOT to have opinions and ideas.

Doctor Finlay: Adventures of a Black Bag. A.J. Cronin. Dramatised by Sue Rodwell. Three hours. Six thirty-minute episodes.

The Resolution That Went Wrong. Who Laughs Last. The Day Dandini Came To Town. Wee Robertson. The Wife of a Hero. The Sisters Scobie.

What a treat! I almost didn't discover this one in time. When I began listening to this series, there were just a few days left to listen on the player. (I believe each broadcast is available 28 days or so from when it originally aired.) So I did find myself rushing through the episodes, one after the other. For better or worse. Oh, the accents! I was in HEAVEN listening to this one. And the stories are quaint and often quite humorous. Especially "Who Laughs Last."

Each episode can stand alone, if you want to give this one a listen while you still can. The last episode has eleven days left on it as of today, January 27th. 

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