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Cotillion. Georgette Heyer. 1953/2007. Sourcebooks. 355 pages. [Source: Review copy]

 First sentence: The saloon, like every other room in Arnside House, was large and lofty, and had been furnished, possibly some twenty years earlier, in what had then been the first style of elegance.

Premise/plot: Kitty, our heroine, will inherit a LOT of money if only she'll marry one of her cousins. Technically they're not blood relatives, she's been raised by her guardian. These "cousins" are his great-nephews. There are four single cousins to choose from...but this situation is far from ideal for everyone concerned. Kitty wants to live life a little and see what there is to see--namely go to London for the first time and mingle with society. She knows that her guardian will never allow such a thing. But if she was engaged...if she was taken under the wing of her fiance's family...then she could get what she wants. What she doesn't account for is her wants changing. She had no inkling that her sham engagement would prove to be real deal. That her ridiculous cousin, Freddy, would be her soul mate....

My thoughts: This is the third time I've read Cotillion. I will admit that it has a slow beginning. The first half of the novel moves so slow and there seems to be little reward for the effort. However, the second half is quick-paced. The characters are enjoyable--at last. The situations are comical. The dialogue turns witty. There is something about it that is very satisfying.

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