Tuesday, September 03, 2013

No Shame, No Fear

No Shame, No Fear. Ann Turnbull. 2003. Candlewick. 304 pages. [Source: Library]

No Shame, No Fear is set in England in 1662 during the reign of Charles II. Susanna, our heroine, is a Quaker. William, our hero, is not. The two meet briefly on the street. She notices him; he notices her. He decides to do something he knows his father would disapprove of: visit a Quaker gathering. Will may have been interested, at first, because of Susanna, but he's soon persuaded that the Quaker way is the right way.

Susanna is working at a bookshop/printshop; she is working for a Quaker woman that prints pamphlets and posters. William pursues her, and soon the two are courting honorably. There are a few obstacles preventing the two from sharing a happily ever after. They are a bit too young to marry. Quakers are facing widespread persecution: being a Quaker and trying to attend an illegal worship service will land you in jail where you'll stay until you face trial and are fined; if you're unwilling or unable to pay your fine, you could spend months in prison, if you last that long. William's father does not have any sympathy at all for Quakers. He thinks his son has betrayed him and he's very angry, very bitter. William is in need of a job, a good job, and now that everyone knows he's a Quaker, well, that may be difficult...

I really enjoyed No Shame, No Fear. It may not be exciting or dramatic, but, it is rich in historical detail.

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