Friday, November 13, 2015

Edwardian Bingo Challenge (Sign Up)

Edwardian Bingo Challenge; The Edwardian Era is 1901-1910 officially, or, unofficially 1901-1914
Hosted by Becky's Book Reviews
Duration: November 2015 - December 2016
Goal: Get one bingo on the card; you can get more if you like
Sign up by leaving a comment! Also, would you be interested in occasional read-a-longs? Let me know when you sign up. 

The 16 categories:
a British author, a non-British author, a book that you wish had been made into a movie, reread of your choice, a male author, a female author, a book that has been made into a movie, a movie set during the Edwardian era, a book under 180 pages, any book published 1901-1910, nonfiction book about Edwardian Era, an "orphan" book, a book over 300 pages, any book published 1910-1914, fiction book set during the Edwardian era, a fantasy novel.

The rules:
  • Fiction or nonfiction.
  • Books, e-books, audio books all are fine.
  • Books and movies can be reviewed together or separately.
  • You can create a reading list if you want, but it's not a requirement
  • If you do make a list, consider adding a list of five books you'd recommend to others
  • If possible try to try a new-to-you author! I know it can be really tempting to stick with familiar favorites.
  • Children's books published during these years should not be forgotten!
  • Rereads are definitely allowed if you have favorites!
  • A blog is not required, a review is not required, but, if you don't review please consider sharing what you read in a comment with one or two sentences of 'reaction' or 'response.'
  • for the 2016 challenge, any qualifying book FINISHED November 2015 through December 2016 counts. OR any qualifying book REVIEWED November 2015 through December 2016 counts.
*The image for the reading challenge is Giséle, by Elizabeth Shippen Green, 1908

© 2015 Becky Laney of Becky's Book Reviews


Joy Weese Moll (@joyweesemoll) said...

Fun! I'll consider this.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to reading for my Edwardian, Victorian, and World at Wars Bingos.

Eilis (from Library Land)

Melanie said...

Like Ellis, I'm looking forward to reading my way through your bingos. Thank you!

LibriAmoriMiei said...

I'm in! This is my signup post Thanks for hosting

Anonymous said...

Hi again. To my surprise and delight, I'm currently 2 short of a complete card, and I expect to fill in the "movie set in the Edwardian era" as part of my traditional New Year's moviethon. I'm not attempting to choose a book I wish would be made into a movie but have
substituted a collection of poems for G3. Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Here's my Edwardian Bingo card as of January 2, 2017:
a British author: Kenneth Grahame. The Wind In The Willows
a non-British author: Agnes Repplier (American). In Our Convent Days
a book that you wish had been made into a movie: X
Changed to A collection of Poems: Walter de la Mare. Songs Of Childhood
reread of your choice: Jean Webster. Just Patty and When Patty Went To College
a male author: Joseph Conrad: The Secret Agent
a female author: Beatrix Potter. Assorted Tales
a book that has been made into a movie: Arthur Conan Doyle. The Hound Of The Baskervilles.
a movie set during the Edwardian era: Miss Potter and Nora
a book under 180 pages: J.M. Barrie. The Admirable Crichton (play)
any book published 1901-1910: E. Nesbit. The Railway Children.
nonfiction book about Edwardian Era: R.J. Minney. The Edwardian Age.
an "orphan" book: Jean Webster. Daddy Longlegs
a book over 300 pages: Mary Roberts Rinehart. The Circular Staircase.
any book published 1910-1914: P. G. Wodehouse. The Little Nugget.
fiction book set during the Edwardian era: Robert Lee Hall. The King Edward Plot.a fantasy novel: E. Nesbit. The Enchanted Castle.