Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My Thoughts On And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None (based on the novel by Agatha Christie)
2015, 3 episodes
Set in 1939
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Reasons for watching: Not because it's Agatha Christie. While I enjoy *most* of her novels. This one is near the bottom for me. I just don't like it. So why did I watch? Short answer: Aidan Turner. Long answer: LOOK AT THE CAST. If you've seen any period dramas or BBC dramas over the past few decades, you'll recognize most of the cast.

Three I recognize from Bleak House. Charles Dance. Anna Maxwell Martin. Burn Gorman. (Mr. Tulkinghorn, Esther, and Guppy)

Toby Stephens was in the 2006 Jane Eyre. Aidan Turner was in the Hobbit movies and Poldark. Miranda Richardson was in Belle, Testament of Youth, The Young Victoria, Merlin, Enchanted April).

Spoiler-Free Section. The premise is ten strangers are invited to an island for a house party. Opening scenes show the letters of invitation being typed. Viewers see them traveling to the island. Eight of the ten arriving by boat all at the same time. The host for this house party is mysteriously absent. But they continue on with dinner all the same. After dinner, a record is played. The contents of the record are shocking and scandalous....

Content Advisory?!?! I was disappointed with this one. This one had a good bit of profanity. Including the f-word. And it was all so unnecessary. You expect BLOOD AND VIOLENCE from Agatha Christie but not foul language. This one also had drug use, drinking, smoking, and sex. So all around I'd say if you're looking for a 'clean' miniseries, this one is probably one to skip.

Worth watching? It depends on what you like in a movie. If you love blood, gore, violence, creepy, thriller type movies that are dark and ultimately depressing....then yes.


This one had me shouting at the TV. What was I yelling, you ask, DON'T TRUST MR. TULKINGHORN. Now I don't blame most of the strangers for not knowing what was going on. But two of them KNEW MR. TULKINGHORN was bad news already. There is no excuse for Guppy and Esther. 

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Cee Arr @ Dora Reads said...

I loved this series! Inspired me to buy the book & put it on my TBR. The cast was amazing - they're all such well-known, well-regarded British/Irish actors. I thought Burn Gorman & Aiden Turner really stood out here.