Monday, June 06, 2016

30 Days of Books: Day 13

 I saw this at The Written World--a blog I've been following for most of the time I've been blogging--and I thought I'd join in the fun. I believe the most recent recurrence of this is from Jenni Elyse's blog.

Today's prompt: Your favorite writer

Just one?!?!?! Seriously?! Perhaps Anthony Trollope. Perhaps Georgette Heyer. Perhaps L.M. Montgomery. Perhaps Beverly Cleary. It seems I discover a new-to-me favorite author every few months. That's good news and bad news. I keep discovering authors that I want to read EVERYTHING they ever wrote which is horrible for my tbr pile!!!

Since I chose L.M. Montgomery's Anne series for day 3 and 4, I'll go with Georgette Heyer.

She wrote mysteries and romance novels. I prefer the romance novels to the mysteries. Though both are fun in their own way!!!

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Kailana said...

This was a horrible question. Who can pick just one!