Monday, June 06, 2016

Five British Children's Shows I *Love*

This isn't quite a top ten list. But a top five list instead.

5. Fireman Sam. (UK -- Wales)

Fireman Sam first made his appearance circa 1987. The 1987 Theme Song. There have been several different versions of this show over the decades. Fireman Sam is the hero and main character. (But there are other firemen.) The 'villain' of the show is a little red-haired boy named Norman. Here's Heroes of the Storm. Here's a compilation of classic episodes.

4. Horrible Histories (UK)

Premiered in 2009. A comedy, musical skit-sketch show that is incredibly FUN. Out of the five shows I'm talking about today, this one is for the oldest audience. I'd say 8-98. Be prepared to become ADDICTED. In this four minute clip, we get the theme song, Vicious Vikings, Commercial "We Sell Any Monk." Sticking with the Vikings theme, we get the SONG Literally and the end credits. Here's a Commercial for Newgate Prison and the song Dick Turpin. The prom performance of The 4 Georges, Born 2 Rule.

3. Peppa Pig (UK)

I've reviewed a LOT of Peppa Pig books. I often mention how I love and adore this series. Here is a compilation of some of the songs from the show starting with the theme song. Each episode is SHORT. Like five minutes short. Swimming. Grandpa's Toy Train. The Baby Piggy. The show premiered in 2004.

2. In the Night Garden (UK)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE In the Night Garden. It is created by Andrew Davenport and produced by Anne Wood. Same as Teletubbies. The show premiered in 2007. It is narrated by DEREK JACOBI. Each show starts with a small child drifting off to sleep... The Night Garden is populated by a diverse set of characters. Igglepiggle. Upsy Daisy. Makka Pakka. Tomblibooo Uhn, Tombliboo Ooo, Tombliboo Eee. The Pontipines family. The Wottingers family. The Haahoos. My personal favorite are the Tombliboos. There are two main ways of getting around in The Night Garden--not counting walking, running, etc.) The Ninky-Nonk and the Pinky-Ponk.

1. Teletubbies (UK)

First I want to make a big, big distinction between old Teletubbies and the brand-new Teletubbies. Even with the classic series, there are distinctions between series that are worth considering. For example, earlier shows are GREAT, towards the end of the series, they did a lot of not-so-great stuff. I have seen three episodes of the brand-new series, and, it's not really the same. What I hate most about the new series is Tinky Winky's new voice. The original show premiered, I believe, in 1997.

Short skits that I recommend: Dirty Knees. NO PLACE TO SIT. Po's Blowy Day.
A whole episode that I find amusing: Four

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Fun! I'd like to spend some time with Horrible Histories. I think I'd learn stuff, too!