Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sing Along Saturdays (Summer Theme Song)

Today's prompt: what song will you be blasting nonstop over the summer?

This meme is hosted by Bookish Things & More.

I really don't listen to contemporary music at all...well not much. And I think that's what this prompt is about...since the theme summer songs was just a few weeks ago. But one thing I have had essentially on repeat this summer is HAMILTON.

I will share two songs that go back-to-back in this musical. The first is "Helpless" and the second is "Satisfied."

For those that haven't heard of Hamilton, it is a musical about the life of founding father, Alexander Hamilton.
Well, I was just going to keep it to those two songs...but I'm also tempted to include at least one of King George's songs. (He sings three.) They're just so fun!!!

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Suey said...

I still haven't been won over by the Hamilton wave, but there's still hope! They will be coming to my city next year and I'll be there for sure. I'm thinking once I actually see it, everything will change. :)

Nicole K/GothamGal said...

I'm not really a musical person (despite having a relative on Broadway), but I really want to see Hamilton. Crossing my fingers to see the PBS version.