Sunday, September 03, 2017

Blood, Bullets, and Bones

Blood, Bullets, and Bones. The Story of Forensic Science from Sherlock Holmes to DNA. Bridget Heos. 2016. 263 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: Some of the first scientific tests related to murder cases were for poison, and arsenic in particular.

Premise/plot: Love true crime stories? Love history? Love forensic science? I do have a book for you. Blood, Bullets, and Bones is the history of forensic science. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific topic or area of forensics. Chapter one discusses the first poison tests. Chapter two presents the history of medical examiners and autopsies. Chapter three focuses on the first detectives. Chapter four focuses the history of analyzing crime scene evidence. Chapter five focuses on the use of fingerprints as evidence. Chapter six is on the history of firearm analysis. Chapter seven is on analyzing blood patterns. Chapter eight focuses on hidden bodies, hidden graves. Chapter nine is devoted to the subject of forensic anthropology. Chapter ten is all about criminal profilers. The final chapter, chapter eleven, is on the use of DNA evidence. Each chapter is packed with information, packed with case examples. For the most part, the cases come from the UK or from the US--though some are European.

My thoughts: I LOVED this fascinating book. It was so informative; it was really organized. I just found it to be a compelling read. I'm happy to recommend it.
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