Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Sputnik's Guide to Life On Earth

Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth. Frank Cottrell Boyce. 2017. 336 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: Before you start anything, make a list. That's what my grandad says. If you're making a cake, make a list. If you're moving house, make a list. If you're running away to sea, make a list. At least that's what he used to say.

Premise/plot: Prez Mellows is a foster kid who doesn't say much--until one day Sputnik shows up at the door of his new temporary home. To the rest of the world, Sputnik appears to be an ordinary dog. Only Prez sees him for who he is or perhaps what he is--an alien who can read his mind. Sputnik tells Prez that he's the reason he came to earth. Together they have an important job to do: save earth from destruction by coming up with a list of ten reasons why earth is worth seeing. Prez balances this mission with an even greater one: how to be reunited with his Grandad again.

My thoughts: This was an enjoyable read. It dealt with a serious topic yet it wasn't too heavy. It had heart, but it wasn't about making you cry. Prez's grandad has dementia; his dementia has caused the two to be separated. He has to go in a nursing home where he can be cared for properly, and Prez has to go to a foster home. Sputnik was a hoot. This one packed in plenty of adventure. I enjoyed Prez's new foster family as well.
"You get homesick? But you said you didn't have a home." "You don't have to have a home to get homesick. You just have to want one. The whole history of your wee planet is nothing but people looking for a home.

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Kelly-Belly said...

I didn't make it through this one, but I really liked Broccoli Boy and Cosmic. I would say Cosmic is my all time favorite young adult book! :)