Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Light Keeper's Legacy

Light Keeper's Legacy. (Chloe Ellefson Mystery #3) Kathleen Ernst. 2012. 360 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: "This trip of yours is a very bad idea," Roelke said soberly. Chloe Ellefson sighed. "You sound as if I'm disappearing into some trackless wilderness. Rock Island is a state park, for God's sake."

Premise/plot: Chloe Ellefson is taking a few weeks off from her regular job as a museum curator at Old World Wisconsin; she will spend a few weeks working as a consultant on a historic lighthouse project. Things are off to a rocky start, however, for it isn't long before she discovers a dead body (or two). She finds herself in a very isolated, often dangerous location.

My thoughts: I definitely enjoyed this third novel more. I really got swept up in the secondary story: the one set on the island in the late nineteenth century. I found myself racing through the contemporary (1982) story so I could get back to the other. By the end, I was invested in both stories. I still think this series would make a great television series.
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