Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Unstoppable: True Stories of Amazing Bionic Animals. Nancy Furstinger. 2017. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 128 pages. [Source: Borrowed from friend]

First sentence: All the animals in this book inspire us with their gumption.

Premise/plot: This nonfiction book is dedicated to some amazing animals and the humans with big hearts and creative minds that have helped them overcome adversities. The focus is, for the most part, on the animals. But would these stories have happy endings if it wasn't for the humans involved? The humans who have opened their hearts, their homes, their minds and welcomed special-needs animals into their lives. The animals may have a resilient attitude and charisma. The animal stories may melt the heart. But I can't help thinking the stories would be tragic if it weren't for the humans. Perhaps it is easy for the animals to steal the show. Perhaps it is right that they should.

My thoughts: I enjoyed this one. Some of the stories are bittersweet. But the bittersweet stories start out bitter--with animals being abused, neglected, having an accident--and end sweet. That is a thousand times better than stories that start out sweet and end bitter.

I would recommend this one. 

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Kimberly said...

I always get so emotional reading books like this. There's something about true animals stories that get me. I will have to check this one out.