Saturday, June 16, 2018

Keep It Short #24

I read two stories this week in the Blue Fairy Book.

The History of Whittington.

First sentence: Dick Whittington was a very little boy when his father and mother died; so little, indeed, that he never knew them, nor the place where he was born.

Premise/plot: This may be the ultimate rags-to-riches story. A poor boy makes his way to London, finds a position as a servant, copes with life's hardships as best he can...and with a little help from his cat...well his luck changes dramatically.

My thoughts: I am very familiar with this one. It is always a joy to revisit it though.

The Wonderful Sheep

First sentence: Once upon a time—in the days when the fairies lived—there was a king who had three daughters, who were all young, and clever, and beautiful; but the youngest of the three, who was called Miranda, was the prettiest and the most beloved.

Premise/plot: Miranda, the youngest princess, angers her father when she reveals her dream. For the record, he asked all his daughters what they dreamed the night before. Her honesty--that she saw the king giving her a cup of water on her sister's wedding day--angers him. Not just a little tantrum, but a gigantic one. He orders her to be killed. Talk about DRAMA.

Here's where the story gets disturbing--near nightmarish. He orders her killer to bring him her heart and tongue. Anyone with any amount of sense knows that the killer will let her go where are the organs to be found.

I could sense trouble coming when the princess brings a black girl, a monkey, and a dog with her. (They do all have names.) This story is crazy-disturbing in that aspect doesn't bode well at all. And it's graphically violent with a dash of racism thrown in. Along with animal cruelty.

So. After all sorts of blood is spilled....Miranda comes across some talking sheep. The leader of the sheep leads her underground into a spooky-crazy, topsy-turvy world where she becomes a queen of sorts. He does tell her of his enchantment....

At the end of all this should know it doesn't even end happily.   

My thoughts: Not a fan. 

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