Saturday, June 23, 2018

Keep It Short #25

This week I read two tales from Andrew Lang's Blue Fairy Book.

Little Thumb:
First sentence: There was, once upon a time, a man and his wife fagot-makers by trade, who had several children, all boys. The eldest was but ten years old, and the youngest only seven.

Premise/plot: The man and his wife decide to lose their seven children in the woods or forest. Lose them in such a way that they cannot find their way back home. But Little Thumb overhears the plotting and has a plan. He first uses pebbles along the path, and later breadcrumbs. The breadcrumbs do NOT work so well as pebbles. The children find themselves at the mercy of an ogre and his wife. Will Little Thumb think his way out of danger and save himself and his brothers?

My thoughts: This one was new to me though some of the themes were not.

The Forty Thieves:
First sentence: In a town in Persia there dwelt two brothers, one named Cassim, the other Ali Baba. Cassim was married to a rich wife and lived in plenty, while Ali Baba had to maintain his wife and children by cutting wood in a neighboring forest and selling it in the town. One day, when Ali Baba was in the forest, he saw a troop of men on horseback, coming toward him in a cloud of dust. He was afraid they were robbers, and climbed into a tree for safety. When they came up to him and dismounted, he counted forty of them. They unbridled their horses and tied them to trees. The finest man among them, whom Ali Baba took to be their captain, went a little way among some bushes, and said: “Open, Sesame!” so plainly that Ali Baba heard him.

Premise/plot: Knowing the robbers' secret brings DANGER into the lives of Cassim and Ali the danger worth the riches it brings?!

My thoughts: I definitely enjoyed this one! Probably one of my favorites in a while. The book as a whole is mixed. Some stories I LOVE. Others are just okay for me. 

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