Saturday, June 09, 2018

Keep It Short #23

I read one fairy tale this week from the Blue Fairy Book.

The Story of Pretty Goldilocks.
First sentence: Once upon a time there was a princess who was the prettiest creature in the world.
Premise/plot: If you're looking for a bear or two, you'll be disappointed. Bears it has none, but there is a Prince Charming. Goldilocks is being pursued by a young KING who is madly in love with her. Though he won't go himself to do his own courting. The first messenger returns disappointed. The next messenger is CHARMING; he is a favorite of the king though he has his own enemies--men who envy him perhaps. Charming sets out to win Goldilocks for his king. On his way he saves three animals: a fish, an owl, a raven. Each is grateful and promises to help him in return one day. Goldilocks is still resistant to the King's offer. She puts Charming through a series of tests. As you might have guessed, Charming has some help and does in fact pass every test. Will Goldilocks marry the King or Charming himself?
My thoughts: I definitely enjoyed this one. It was a new-to-me fairy tale though it contained a few familiar elements within it. 

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