Saturday, June 09, 2018

Me? Listen to Audio #22

Death on the Nile. Agatha Christie. 1937. Dramatised for Radio in 1997 by Michael Bakewell. 5 half hour episodes. Directed by Enyd Williams.  

IT stars John Moffatt as Hercule Poirot, Donald Sinden as Colonel Race, Rosemary Leach as Mrs Allerton, Stratford Johns as Pennington, Elaine Pyke as Linnet Ridgeway, Robert Daws as Simon Doyle, Nicholas Boulton as Tim Allerton, Amanda Barton-Chapple as Jacqueline de Bellefort,  Shirley Dixon as Mrs Otterbourne, Emma Woodvine as Rosalie Otterbourne, Irene Sutcliffe as Miss Van Schuyler, Teresa Gallagher as Cornelia, Robert May as Fanthorp, Ioan Meredith as Richetti, Joanna Monro as Joanna Southwood, Sean Baker as Monsieur Blondin, Colleen Prendergast as Louise, Robert Daws as Simon Doyle, Keith Drinkel as Dr Bessner, Ed Bishop as Rockford, Christopher Scott as the Steward, Timothy Alcock as the Thomas Cook Agent and Chris Pavlo as the Waiter. 
I'll be honest, Death on the Nile is one of my FAVORITE Christie novels. I loved, loved, loved revisiting it this week. It made me want to reread the book again. 

Lady Audley's Secret. Mary Elizabeth Braddon. 1862. Dramatised by Theresa Heskins. Directed by Julie Beckett and Fiona Kelcher. First aired on BBC 4 Radion in 2009

The book confused me greatly. I had some major issues with it. The radio drama is much the same. I was SO confused by what had happened. That's all the author's intent. This is not a mystery that readers will ever be able to solve on their own. And you just have to decide to accept it for what it is. I don't regret listening to it! I'd rather give it about two and half hours of my life than a week or two rereading! 

Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ. Lew Wallace. 1880.  Dramatised in four parts by Catherine Czerkawska. Music by Wilfredo Acosta. Director: Glyn Dearman. First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1995.

Lew Wallace's epic tale stars Jamie Glover as Judah Ben Hur, Samuel West as Messala, Phyllis Calvert as Amrah and Michael Gambon reads from the Bible.

LOVED it. I did. I really did. I had the lowest expectations going into this one. I'd never read the book or saw the movie. It was action-packed, dramatic, and the characterization was very well done. I wasn't expecting the intense emotions and the feels.  

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Tea said...

All of these titles stir my blood except for Ben Hur. As a young girl, I looked at it with wonder. It seemed impossible to read. It had many, many pages and little print. So, I settled for the movie.