Saturday, September 01, 2018

Me? Listen to Audio?! #33

The Pilgrim's Progress. John Bunyan. 1678/1899. Read by MaryAnn for Librivox. 13 hours. 

The version of The Pilgrim's Progress that I listened to had three parts. The first part was a Life of Bunyan. (I believe the reader mentioned it was condensed?) The second and third parts were The Pilgrim's Progress. Though some might think of The Pilgrim's Progress being all about Christian's pilgrim journey, the book almost always, always includes his wife's journey as well. Her name is Christiana.

I have read the book quite a few times in my life--most recently in 2017. One thing that is hard to ignore when you're listening to it are all the Scripture references. When you're reading the text and you see all the cross references to Scripture, it is super-easy to ignore. Like a foot note notation is easy to ignore. When you're listening to it, however, it makes you stop and pause. Bunyan's book is packed with theology. Impossible to ignore theology. His allegory may be a "dream" but it's a dream of someone who inhaled and exhaled Scripture like it was oxygen. This is good to keep in mind for several reasons. One being that any person can claim to have a vision and have that vision published. But how often do modern day visionaries have Scripture proofs like Bunyan?!?!

I do like Christian's journey better. I can't help it.


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