Friday, September 14, 2018

Al Capone Does My Homework

Al Capone Does My Homework (Al Capone at Alcatraz #3) Gennifer Choldenko. 2013. 212 pages. [Source: Library]
First sentence: Today is my dad's first official day as associate warden on Alcatraz Island, home to anyone who is anyone in the criminal world. On our island we have world-famous robbers, thieves, swindlers, sharpshooters, second-story burglars, mad-dog murderers, plus a whole lot of ordinary criminals--vicious but not well-known. 

Premise/plot: Al Capone Does My Homework is the third book in Gennifer Choldenko's series. The first two are Al Capone Does My Shirts and Al Capone Shines My Shoes. To be fully appreciated, the books should be read in order.

Moose, our hero, is equal parts excited and scared that his dad has been promoted from electrician part-time guard to associate warden. He fears that this new job will bring new dangers. An electrician is hardly a target--an associate warden or warden is. Moose being Moose is prepared to shoulder even more responsibility. Can he keep his dad safe?

It doesn't take much time for Moose to be overwhelmed. It starts with a fire. In their apartment. At night. While their parents are out. The fire is barely out when busy-body neighbors start a rumor that Natalie--Moose's sister--set the fire. Moose, once again, feels the need to prove himself, to prove to everyone that his sister is innocent and that someone else set the fire. (Could they have been trying to kill his dad?!)

My thoughts: I love this series. Each book stars the same cast of friends or frenemies as the case may be. Piper. Annie. Jimmie. Janet. Natalie. Moose. I love spending time with these characters. I don't always see things the way Moose does, but I love, love, love Moose. (What does he see in Piper?!?!)

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