Monday, November 26, 2018

My Victorian Year #49

I am currently reading RUTH by Elizabeth Gaskell and CAN YOU FORGIVE HER? by Anthony Trollope. I am enjoying both of these books very much. Both are rereads.

Quotes from Can You Forgive Her?
  • “And have I been too liberal, Mrs Greenow? What is a young turkey and a stick of celery when a man is willing to give everything that he has in the world?”
  • “There is nothing on earth, Mrs Greenow, I desire so much, as permission to dry those tears.” “Time alone can do that, Captain Bellfield; — time alone.”
  • “But cannot time be aided by love and friendship and affection?” “By friendship, yes. What would life be worth without the solace of friendship?”
  • “And how much better is the warm glow of love?” Captain Bellfield, as he asked this question, deliberately got up, and moved his chair over to the widow’s side.
  • “You shouldn’t think about handsome men, child,” said Mrs Greenow. “And I’m sure I don’t,” said Jeannette. “Not no more than anybody else; but if a man is handsome, ma’am, why it stands to reason that he is handsome.”    
Quotes from Ruth
  • I want to know how I am to keep remembering how old I am, so as to prevent myself from feeling so young?

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