Tuesday, January 31, 2023

January Reflections

I read and reviewed fifty books in January. I read some great books this month. I am now noting which books earned four and five stars. (This won't necessarily make it easier when it comes to picking favorites at the end of the year.) I read all three 'One and Only' books by Katherine Applegate. They were FANTASTIC.

Books reviewed at Becky's Book Reviews

1. The Rat Queen. Pete Hautman. 2022. 400 pages. [Source: Library]

2. Magpie Murders. Anthony Horowitz. 2016. 477 pages. [Source: Library]

3. The Windeby Puzzle. Lois Lowry. 2023. [February] 224 pages. [Source: Review copy]

4. Twice in a Lifetime. Melissa Baron. 2022. 325 pages. [Source: Library]

5. Doomsday Book. Connie Willis. 1992. Random House. 592 pages.  [Source: Book I Bought]

6. To Sir With Love. E.R. Braithwaite. 1959. 189 pages. [Source: Library]

7. Today Tonight Tomorrow. Rachel Lynn Solomon. 2020. 364 pages. [Source: Library]

8. Babylon #5: Voices. John Vornholt. 1995. 246 pages. [Source: Bought]

9. Moonflower Murders. (Susan Ryeland #2) Anthony Horowitz. 2020. 608 pages. [Source: Library]

10. The Curse of the Mummy: Uncovering Tutankhamun's Tomb. Candace Fleming. 2021. 285 pages. [Source: Library]

11. Camp Creepy. (Sinister Summer Series #3) Kiersten White. 2023 [January] 288 pages. [Source: Library]

12. Farmer Boy. Laura Ingalls Wilder. Illustrated by Garth Williams. 1933. 372 pages. [Source: Library]

13. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. J.K. Rowling. 1997. 345 pages. [Source: Library]

14. The Worlds We Leave Behind. A.F. Harrold. Illustrated by Levi Pinfold. 2023. [February] 256 pages. [Source: Review copy]

15. Perry Mason: The Case of the Careless Kitten (Perry Mason #21) Erle Stanley Gardner. 1942. 211 pages. [Source: Bought]

16. The Superteacher Project. Gordon Korman. 2023. 304 pages. [Source: Library]

17. The Little Wartime Library. Kate Thompson. 2022. 496 pages. [Source: Review copy]

 Books reviewed at Young Readers

1. Marya Khan and the Incredible Henna Party. Saadia Faruqi. Illustrated by Ani Bushry. 2022. [October 18] 144 pages. [Source: Review copy]

2. Madison Morris is NOT a Mouse! [Class Critters #3] Kathryn Holmes. Illustrated by Ariel Landy. 2022. 128 pages. [Source: Review copy]

3. A Bear, a Bee, and a Honey Tree. Daniel Bernstrom. Illustrated by Brandon James Scott. 2022. [November] 40 pages. [Source: Library]

4. Cat Crew (Dog Squad #2) Chris Grabenstein. 2022. [October] 304 pages. [Source: Library]

5. The Milly-Molly-Mandy Storybook. Joyce Lankester Brisley. 1928. 224 pages. [Source: Library]

6. The Famously Funny Parrott: Four Tales from the Bird Himself. Eric Daniel Weiner. Illustrated by Brian Biggs. 2022. [December] 144 pages. [Source: Library]

7. The House on East 88th Street. Bernard Waber. 1962. 48 pages. [Source: Library]

8. Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile. Bernard Waber. 1965. 48 pages. [Source: Library]

9. A Boy Called Bat. Elana K. Arnold. 2017. 208 pages. [Source: Library]

10. The Runaway Robot (Wednesday and Woof #3) Sherri Winston. Illustrated by Gladys Jose. 2022. [November] 96 pages. [Source: Library]

11. The Green Piano: How Little Me Found Music. Roberta Flack and Tonya Bolden. Illustrated by Hayden Goodman. 2023. 40 pages. [Source: Library]

12. Sincerely Sicily. Tamika Burgess. 2023. 304 pages. [Source: Library]

13. The One and Only Ivan. Katherine Applegate. Illustrated by Patricia Castelao. 2012. 307 pages. [Source: Library]

14. The One and Only Bob. Katherine Applegate. Illustrated by Patricia Castelao.  2020. 352 pages. [Source: Library]

15. The One and Only Ruby (The One and Only Ivan #3) Katherine Applegate. 2023. [May] 240 pages. [Source: Review copy]

16. Cornelli. Johanna Spyri. 1892. 120 pages. [Source: Bought]

17. Pizza and Taco: Rock Out (Pizza and Taco #5) Stephen Shaskan. 2023. [January] 72 pages. [Source: Library]

18. The Real Dada Mother Goose: A Treasury of Complete Nonsense. Jon Scieszka. Illustrated by Julia Rothman. 2022. [October] 80 pages. [Source: Library]

19. Mission to Shadow Sea (Future Hero #2) Remi Blackwood. 2023. 144 pages. [Source: Library]

20. Meowsterpieces: A Cat's Guide to Art...and Life! Jenn Bailey. Illustrated by Nyangsongi. 2022. [September] 32 pages. [Source: Review copy]

21. A Story Is To Share: How Ruth Krauss Found Another Way to Tell a Tale. Carter Higgins. Illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault. 2022. 40 pages. [Source: Review copy]

22. Nubby. Dan Richards. Illustrated by Shanda McCloskey. 2023. [January] [Source: Library]

Books Reviewed at Operation Actually Read Bible

1. The Epic Story of the Bible: How to Read and Understand God's Word. Greg Gilbert. 2022. 176 pages. [Source: Review copy]

2. God Shines Forth: How the Nature of God Shapes and Drives the Mission of the Church. Daniel Hames. (Series introduction by Michael Reeves, general editor of the Union series). 2022. 176 pages. [Source: Review copy]

3. From Pearl Harbor to Calvary. Mitsuo Fuchida. 1953/2011. eChristian. 96 pages. [Source: Bought]

4. The Sisters of Sea View (On Devonshire Shores #1) Julie Klassen. 2022. 448 pages. [Source: Review copy]

5. Rembrandt Is In the Wind: Learning to Love Art Through the Eyes of Faith. Russ Ramsey. 2022. 272 pages. [Source: Library]

6. Piercing Heaven: Prayers of the Puritans. Robert Elmer. 2019. 321 pages. [Source: Library]

7. Stop Calling Me Beautiful: Finding Soul-Deep Strength in a Skin-Deep World. Phylicia Masonheimer. 2020. [February] Harvest House. 208 pages. [Source: Review copy]

8. Seeking the Face of God: Nine Reflections on the Psalms. 1957/1991/2005. 172 pages. [Source: Bought]

9. Come, Lord Jesus: Meditations on the Second Coming of Christ. John Piper. 2023. [January] 322 pages. [Source: Review copy]

10. Another Gospel? A Lifelong Christian Seeks Truth In Response to Progressive Christianity. Alisa Childers. 2020. [October] 288 pages. [Source: Library]

Bibles reviewed at Operation Actually Read Bible

1. ESV Large Print Thinline Reference Bible. 2001/2016. God. 1232 pages. [Source: Gift] (ISBN: 9781433532788) Start date: November 19, 2022. Finish date: January 24, 2023.


# of Books50
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Books Read in 202350
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I've read Ivan and Bob but need to read Ruby!! Well done!! Happy February reading!