Sunday, January 29, 2023

Sunday Salon #5 "Currently" reading

It's been a relatively good week for finishing up books. But as the end of the month draws closer, there are a couple of books that have been in the "currently reading" pile for most of the month. A few have been on the "currently reading" shelf since November! 

So my 'question' of the day is HOW LONG IS TOO LONG for a book to be "currently" ongoing before you admit defeat and move them to another 'shelf.' (I'm speaking of GoodReads.) 

Of course, not all books get added to the 'currently reading' shelf on GoodReads. Often I add them after I've finished reading them. (Think picture books, board books, early readers, early chapter books.) I add them to remind myself to review them. Sometimes I add them to the list after I've read a good bit of the book to see if it's going to "stick."  

The two books that have been on my 'currently reading' list the longest [this year] are Belittled Women by Amanda Sellet and Baking Powder Wars by Linda Civitello. Both are/were review copies. The Baking Powder Wars is a review copy from WAY back in the day--maybe 2017? Belittled Women is a newer review copy--2022, I believe. Have you read either book? What did you think? Should I keep reading?

Books Read in 202348
Pages Read in 202312520

(Actually) Currently reading:

Poster Girl by Veronica Roth--adult dystopia (I've read several days)
Belittled Women by Amanda Sellet (I've been reading off and on for over a month)
To Dream in the City of Sorrows by Kathryn M. Drennan (a reread I started yesterday)


I went to Half Priced books this week and couldn't help picking up another copy of one of my favorite Babylon 5 novels--To Dream in the City of Sorrows. Do YOU ever buy copies of books you already own? Do you believe in having spare copies of your favorites?

Do you read adaptations (or spin-offs) of classic novels? What do you expect from an adaptation? Are there things that make you cringe? [I'm having trouble reading Belittled Women as a tie-in with Little Women.]

How long do you keep a book in your 'currently read' stack/pile (real life or digital shelf)?

What has been your favorite book you've read this month?


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AnneKristy said...

I have a table, smallish, that has a few short stacks of to be read books.
I am slowly working my way through them. I have them organized by genre. And I have many on my Kindle to read.
I try and give a book 50 to 100 pages before I lay it aside unfinished. However, I have repicked up books that I'd cast aside in the past and finished reading them. One of those books is The Count of Monte Cristo. I finally read that book about a year ago.
Sometimes I stop reading a book not because it is bad, but other books take precedence, or these other books are more interesting.