Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Salon: Watching Six Hero Movies

I recently watched Iron Man (2008), The Incredible Hulk (2008), Iron Man 2 (2010), Thor (2011), Captain America (2011) and The Avengers (2012). Each film had strengths and weaknesses in my opinion. I did prefer the first Iron Man to the second. (Tony Stark's ego in Iron Man 2 was beyond obnoxious, taken way past any tolerable extreme. And there were so many absolutely ridiculous things in the film.) I enjoyed The Incredible Hulk more than I thought I would. I found the story (minus the ridiculous fight scene at the end) quite compelling. 

Two definitely stand out as being my favorites: Captain America and Thor! I loved Thor!!! I really, truly loved it. I enjoyed Thor and his conflict with his brother, Loki. I liked seeing how his "fall" to Earth helped him to be a better "god" in a way. I really enjoyed seeing Stellan Skarsgard, Natalie Portman, and Kat Dennings. Also the Thor and Jane Foster romance was very fun to see!!! There were just some great scenes--great moments there. And I definitely LOVED Captain America. It was a great movie. I enjoyed the character, Steve Rogers/Captain America. I enjoyed the setting of the film, World War 2, and I liked getting a glimpse of Tony Stark's father, Howard. I loved seeing this good guy become a great hero. Great story, great characters, good dialogue.

 Did I enjoy The Avengers? Yes. Did I love it? Not really. I did LOVE Thor and Captain America. I really enjoyed their scenes in this one, for the most part. And I loved some of their lines in the film. There were many, many enjoyable moments throughout the film--not just with Thor and Captain America--but with many if not all of the "heroes." But there was just too much fighting overall. A movie where one fight scene leads to another to another to another to another to another to another with barely anything in not my kind of movie. I want more story. I definitely saw improvement in Tony Stark's character, and so I definitely liked this one much better than Iron Man 2. So I definitely liked this one; loved in some places, just liked in others. I am very glad I watched these movies.

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Christina T 12:41 PM  

I was disappointed by The Avengers because there wasn't a good story when you took away the action. I love the character of Captain America and I liked The Hulk in this one too as he tries to be a good person. Tony Stark just annoys me though I did like how he "bonded" with the Hulk. Overall I'd heard this was an amazing movie but I didn't quite agree. I though The Amazing Spider-Man was a better movie with a better story even if it didn't have quite the list of big name characters.

I have seen Captain America and thought it was fantastic. I didn't care for Iron Man and I will have to check out Thor. I am not a fan of Loki but I might have appreciated The Avengers more if I'd seen it first. It was the only superhero story I had no prior knowledge of.

Becky 12:47 PM  

Christina, I agree. I don't think they'd be any movie left if you took away the action--which is just too much action for me. Some of the other films felt more balanced. I think seeing Thor first helped me appreciate Avengers more.

Yvonne 1:32 PM  

I'm hoping to see this movie soon. I have my name on the waiting list for it.

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