Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Salon: Watching Snow White

I recently watched Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I also watched the "Making of Snow White" feature which called it "the merriest and scariest" I just have to agree with that assessment. This is a dark tale in many, many ways. The dark scenes are terrifying. The sequence starting with the Queen's order to the Huntsman to kill Snow White and put her heart in that box to Snow White's calming down surrounded by forest animals is intense--to say the least. Not to mention the Queen's "transformation" into the old hag where she is conjuring magic spells and plotting to poison Snow White. For better or worse. I personally prefer the lighter, merrier side of the film. My favorite moments of this film are ones that feature the seven dwarfs. I love the Dwarf's Washing Song, for example, but my favorite, favorite, favorite is "The Silly Song" (The Dwarf's Yodel Song). (Another light moment I enjoyed was the turtle going up/down the stairs.) I can appreciate the sound effects, the score, and many of the songs. (Though I don't care for Snow White's singing. I do like the Prince's singing. His "One Song" is a favorite.)  I think it's a great soundtrack overall, and I learned that it was the first soundtrack album for a feature film. I found the making-of feature to be fascinating! It pointed out that there had been nothing like it before, and that this was something brand new with great wow-potential for the audience.

Do you have a favorite song or scene from this movie?

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