Saturday, October 06, 2012

The Eye of the World

The Eye of the World (Wheel of Time #1) Robert Jordan. 1990. Tor. 814 pages. 

Perhaps I was just in the perfect mood for The Eye of The World, or maybe it's just that good. I do know that it was an experience. I read this one in just three days!!! I knew within a chapter or two that this one was just right for me, one that I'd really enjoy through and through. I enjoyed the world-building, the characterization, the storytelling, and, of course, the quest and adventure. If you don't like quests or journeys, or heroes-in-the-making setting out for long, uncertain journeys then perhaps this one wouldn't thrill you.

Three young men (Rand, Mat, and Perrin) are escaping danger and setting forth on a very dangerous journey with a couple of strangers (Moraine and Lan) whom they have reason both to trust and mistrust. On the one hand, Moraine has proven herself by helping to heal the wounded in Two Rivers after a devastating Trolloc attack. She saved Rand's father, Tam, when no one else would even try. So Rand, at least, owes her something. And she is trying to save all their lives--she knows all three are in great danger. On the other hand, Moraine is Aes Sedai, and Lan is her Warder. There has never been a story or tale told where Aes Sedai are good and trustworthy and safe. Also along for the journey are Egwene, a young woman who cares for Rand deeply, and Thom Merrilin, a gleeman--entertainer, storyteller, musician, etc. They are also joined by Nynaeve, a young woman, the local Wisdom, intent on one thing getting all three men back where they belong: Two Rivers.

There is definitely a good amount of uncertainty, mystery, and danger in The Eye of the World. Danger comes in many, many shapes and sizes. And there's plenty of action along the way leading up to some intense chapters at the end. I enjoyed it for the journey just as much as the end. I enjoyed the narrative style, for the most part.

I definitely LOVED it.

Read The Eye of the World
  • If you enjoy fantasy
  • If you really enjoy fantasy
  • If you like coming-of-age, going-on-a-quest fantasy
  • If you like world-building and storytelling

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Phillip said...

3 days? Wow. You probably already know bit the 14th and last book in the series comes out Jan 8

Blodeuedd said...

I just stumbled upon this blog from another blog and what do I find. WOT, awww I love WOT :)

Book Worm Rebel said...

I loved the eye of the world! :) :)

Anonymous said...

It is a sad time for the world of Fanatasy ... I am so excited to read the last installment, book 14, but heartbroken at the same time at the death of Robert Jordan. I remember my older brother reading these books back in the early 90's and it wasn't until years later that I developed my own affinity for the series and the author. Thanks for the review and cheers to his legacy! Melissa - The Novel Sphere