Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Salon: Watching Cinderella (1950)

Cinderella is a lovely film. I don't think Walt Disney's Cinderella is as lovely and romantic as it could be, or should be. But as an animal fantasy, or, cat-and-mouse adventure it works quite well. Prince Charming doesn't matter in Cinderella, for the most part. His personality and character are practically nonexistent. (Unless you want to say that he waltzes well?) Almost all of the animal characters (even Bruno and the horse) get more time and attention. Gus is probably my favorite, favorite mouse. But all the mice--including Jacques--are fun additions to the story. I really appreciate the cat-and-mouse scenes with Lucifer (and sometimes Bruno). And Cinderella herself is lovely, I enjoy the opening scenes of the film, and just love A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes. I also LOVE Sing Sweet Nightingale. In one of the special features (I think it was under Backstage Disney, The Cinderella that Almost Was?) there is mention of how at one time there was a music teacher and discussion of how the scene was much longer (and probably funnier). I watched all of the Special Features of the 2005 release, and almost all of them were fascinating and well worth the time!!! (There's even a clip of Perry Como, the Fontane Sisters, and Ilene Woods singing together.) And I love the ending, of course, when she's rushing down the stairs trying to get her turn to try on the can be quite magical at times.

Do you have a favorite scene or favorite song? Is this your favorite adaptation of Cinderella?

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Kyle Stephen said...

I'd say it's hard to choose a favorite scene. The whole movie is good.

Heidenkind said...

I love Cinderella! I think my favorite scene is when she finally goes to the ball.

Have you seen The Slipper and the Rose? That's another adaptation of the Cinderella story that's pretty good.

The Novel Sphere (Melissa) said...

I think that Ever After is my favorite Cinderella adaptation. I love the library scene, which is pretty apt being a book lover =)

Falaise said...

Mini-Falaise somehow persuaded me to download this onto my iPad and she watches it as often as she can get her hands on it, to the point where I found myself singing Sing Sweet Nightingale in the office the other day, which wasn't a good thing!