Friday, October 05, 2012

Yesterday's Dead (MG)

Yesterday's Dead. Pat Bourke. 2012. Second Story Press. 232 pages.

I enjoyed this historical children's book set during the 1918-1919 influenza epidemic. It is set in Canada, in Toronto. The narrator, Meredith, is thirteen pretending to be fifteen or sixteen. Her family needs the money, so she has dropped out of school and taken a job as a maid in a wealthier family, a doctor's family. She's just learning her place when the flu reaches the household, soon her 'simple' job as a maid has become much, much more. People are depending on her, and, of course, all she can do is her best, but Meredith is forced to grow up quickly in a way. The book just covers a brief span of time, but it is still an intense read. I definitely would recommend this one!

 Read Yesterday's Dead
  • If you enjoy historical fiction
  • If you enjoy children's books
  • If you are interested in books set during this time period (World War I)

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