Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Redshirts. John Scalzi. 2012. Tor. 320 pages.

Redshirts is definitely a quick read. And it was fun in places, I admit. It definitely had a fun and playful premise. There were a few scenes that I enjoyed very much, but then there were a couple of scenes that disgusted bothered me. The premise was interesting and would probably make this one a good read no matter what. But I found the characterization a bit uneven, and there were a few characters that I just did NOT like at all. I really liked the hero, Andrew Dahl, and I enjoyed spending time with him. But unfortunately, I didn't like the company he kept. One friend really irritated me. I hated every conversation and scene with this one person.

I wish this one had been a cleaner read. So much of the adult content was completely needless in my opinion. I do think others will enjoy this one more than I did. 

Read Redshirts
  • If you like Galaxy Quest and/or Star Trek 
  • If you like science fiction
  • If you like (adult) humor
  • If you're a fan of John Scalzi

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