Friday, October 19, 2012

Unspoken (YA)

Unspoken. Sarah Rees Brennan. 2012. Random House. 384 pages.

Every town in England has a story. One day I am going to find out Sorry-in-the-Vale's.

Though others may think Kami Glass is crazy or slightly crazy, Kami knows the voice in her head is all too real. She's been hearing it since she can remember. And one of her closest friends, Jared, exists only as a voice she hears in her mind. Soon after the novel starts, Kami realizes that her "imaginary" friend is very real and has just moved to town. He is nothing like she imagined, not really. Jared and his cousin, Ash, are just two members of the strange and powerful Lynburn family. The family has long been established in Sorry-in-the-Vale, and it is only the youngest generation that has been raised elsewhere. But the family has returned, and brought a darkness with them. Strange things begin to happen: dead animals discovered, screams in the woods, etc. While investigating a story or two, Kami finds herself in real trouble: she's pushed down a well. It is only her psychic connection with Jared that saves her. The problem? Many people assume that he's the one who pushed her in the first place. (But if that was true, why would he jump in and save her?) Kami's life continues to be in danger, as this gothic fantasy thriller continues...

I think many readers will enjoy Unspoken. It is a dark gothic horror novel with only slight touches of romance. Kami is a strong heroine who is fiercely independent at times and always opinionated. She is smart enough not to trust anyone blindly, but, she's loyal enough to her own way. While I didn't exactly want to spend time with Kami, Angela, Holly, Jared, and Ash, I think other readers will.

Read Unspoken
  • If you enjoy dark fantasies, gothic fantasies, gothic romances, 
  • If you enjoy horror novels or thrillers

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