Thursday, October 18, 2007

Almost Time....

This Saturday, October 20th, is Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thon. I've mentioned it several times. But I haven't done so lately. There is still time to sign up, if you're so inclined, either as a reader or a cheerleader. The original post gives details on how to sign up and give tips to readers on how to have a successful experience. The second post gives last minute details that you might find helpful if you're participating.

Tips for Readers:
1. Pick shortish books. When you’re reading for such a long time, you might get really sick of the same book for hours on end.
2. Choose something light (children’s books, funny books, graphic novels, books you already know well) and save those for the end when you’re tired and sick of reading.
3. Try not to pick really dense non-fiction unless you have the most enormous attention span ever.
4. If you’re going to use this time to catch up on other challenges, try to have a big variety available. You don’t know what will hold your attention, so don’t assign yourself specific books without alternates.
5. Give yourself permission to put a book aside and not finish it if it’s not holding your attention.
6. Just in general don’t be a masochist. This is supposed to be fun! And if anything about the challenge makes you start picturing of me with little devil horns and wanting to strangle me, please stop and change it so that it works for you. Or, you know, go ahead and scream TO HELL WITH THIS CHALLENGE and go to sleep. We don’t want sleep deprivation making you hate your pal Dewey.

I have now gone through most of my boxes of novels and have put all the top contenders in the top box. There are still WAY too many in the pile. I know I can't read twenty books or anything crazy like that. But I'd be happy with reading two or three novels and a bunch of picture books.

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Annie the Superfast Reader said...

good luck & happy reading!