Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Travel the World: Netherlands: Will You Carry Me?

Today's Edition of Travel the World Wednesday brings us to the Netherlands for a charming little picture book called Will You Carry Me? by Helen van Rossum. Will You Carry Me? addresses a familiar situation that I would imagine every family can relate to. The "Pick me up" and "Carry me" begathon. (Oh, how I remember those days when all I had to do was lift my arms and say "Pick me up!" and find instant relief from whatever ailed me.) The illustrator is Peter van Harmelen. The publisher is Kane/Miller. The text begins simply: Thomas has been playing in the park all morning. He has been on the swing. He has fed the ducks. He has played hide and seek. Now, it's time to go home. And Thomas is very, very tired. He wants to be carried home, of course, but his mom has different ideas to distract him and his tired feet. Ideas like jumping, swimming, flying, and running. These new activities, some being imaginative like pretending to swim and fly, distract him from his tiredness and help the little one be independent. (I'm not so sure it would work in real life. I know it wouldn't have fooled me for a second.) Overall the book is fun and the illustrations are imaginative.

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