Saturday, October 20, 2007

Baby Participants

As a few of you may know, I have a baby reviewer on staff who goes by the name of LittleMiss. She isn't even six months old, but she is a smart little reader-in-training. Look at her go!

Miss Becky gave LittleMiss some new books and LittleMiss could hardly wait to review them. She talked her mama into postponing naptime so she could read her new books. The first book she read was "Ten in the Bed" by Penny Dale. LittleMiss really loved this book, she held it in her lap while her mama read the pages. LittleMiss especially enjoyed the fact that each animal made a different sound as it fell out of bed. She laughed each time she heard the new sound that they made.

The second book that LittleMiss reviewed was Baa Baa Bedtime. This book appealed to her very much because each page had fluffy, fleecy little sheep to touch and grab. In fact, she was so enthralled with each page that her mama had a hard time turning the pages! LittleMiss' mama loved the illustrations, they are warm and the pages almost seem to glow. LittleMiss' Daddy was quite excited to have new books to add to her bedtime reading ritual.


Nyssaneala said...

That is so adorable!!! Our first child, a girl, is due on Nov 18, I can't wait to introduce her to the wonderful world of books!

I have a special treat on my blog for read-a-thon readers, come on by!

Cheerleader Alisia

Dewey said...

Why the heck don't they make grown up books so much fun? No one is ever too old for little mooing and quacking books.

Erin said...

She is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chrisa511 said...

She's so cute!!! I love pictures of little kids reading :)

Bybee said...

That's a bookworm-in-training, for sure. Congratulations!