Friday, October 26, 2007

Poetry Friday: Mama (Contest Poem/Original)

This is a 'poem' composed for a contest hosted by Taylor the Teacher. You can visit the site here. The rules of the contest are simple: Here’s the challenge: Take the lines submitted during the read-a-thon and put them together into a new poem. Use the lines in any order, and feel free to add “connective tissue” if necessary. Ideally, you would use every line from every entry, but this may not be possible. The winner will be voted on by the readers, so it’ll be up to them how much “connective tissue” is too much, or how little use of the original lines is too little. All entries (presumably) will be posted either Thursday or Friday. So go to the site and vote for your favorite!

by Becky Laney

While reaching out for my old life,
I sit here meditating on what I could say…
I have a number of things I must tell you.
But I can’t seem to find a way.
I can’t always understand…
You owe me no apologies
for things you left unsaid.
Silence is eloquent.
Words left unsaid do not hurt…
A positive echo in the void.
More than silence, less than voice
A smile that makes all things better.
A touch that takes pain, gives love.
A healing word that saves the day.
It sighs, it laughs, it repeats.
And I forget all I wanted to say.
I’m all for the old fashioned way.
Unconditional love.

Poetry Friday round-up is at Literary Safari


Debi said...

Fantastic job, Becky! I knew immediately when she posted that challenge that I was even going to seemed like such a daunting task. I'm sooooo impressed!

Erin said...

Really great poem!

tanita✿davis said...

WOW! I was going to remark that this was such a personal poem, but it amazes me that it's both personal AND corporate. Well done!