Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Travel the World: Australia: Could You? Would You?

White, Trudy. 2007. Could You? Would You?

Today's edition of Travel The World brings us back to Australia. The book of the day is Could You? Would You? by Trudy White. It is published by Kane/Miller. It is a book 'to tickle your imagination' and a book that Markus Zusak calls 'whimsical, beautiful and true.' High praise coming from such an accomplished author! This book isn't your typical book. It doesn't tell a story. Not really. It is a series of questions. One after another. The book is designed to be interactive. It is designed to be a starting place for thinking or discussing everything from the mundane and ordinary to the extraordinary. These questions are arranged thematically or topically. I will be posting a list of questions below to show some examples of what the text holds.

What is the best thing about you?
Could you recognize your family with your eyes shut?
How is your day different from your grandma's when she was little?
Would you like to be famous for doing something?
How could you make school better?
When do you feel loved?
Could you imagine waking up one morning as a baby again?
Would you eat a meal that a cat had cooked?

I enjoyed this book a great deal. Some questions are serious. Some questions are silly. But overall, the book is clever and fun.

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