Sunday, October 28, 2007

iTunes and challenges

If only, if only I had discovered this podcast, The Classic Tales, earlier...just think of the fun I could have had for Carl's R.I.P. Challenge II. But better late than never. You can subscribe to the feed here. Of course you don't have to subscribe to the podcast to enjoy, you can listen while online as well.

Related to the R.I.P challenge, Frankenstein and Dracula appear to be available through iTunes as well. I haven't listened to any of the Dracula production. But I did listen to about four or five minutes of the Frankenstein. It seems to be well done. I haven't listened to any from this site yet. But I did find The Mercury Theatre On the Air.

But what I got distracted with most this morning was a podcast of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Anyway, my point being (I haven't forgotten I need one) is that there are audio productions out there--for free--some done better than others, that you might want to consider.

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