Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Lemonade War

Davies, Jacqueline. 2007. The Lemonade War.

I enjoyed this story about a brother and sister getting ready for the start of their fourth grade year. The problem? The sister, Jessie, was in second grade last year. Her brother is so not wanting to have to share a class--a teacher, a life, friends--with his little sister. Evan spends a lot of time hating his sister in the book. He worries that his sister who is younger and so much smarter will outshine him. He's afraid that the class will label him 'the dumb one.' He's worried about a lot of things. He'd probably be nervous about starting school anyway. Jessie has worries of her own. And the fight she's been having with her brother all week isn't helping at all. She feels alone. Rejected. Hated. She doesn't know why her brother doesn't like her. Why he doesn't want to hang out with her. Why he doesn't want to be in the same class. The truth is Jessie may be "smart" when it comes to math, but she's not so observant when it comes to reading people. No, reading people is definitely in Evan's department. The book is about a week long fight--war--between siblings as they battle over who can sell the most lemonade. The challenge is to earn a hundred dollars. Whoever has the most money wins. Anyway, it's an enjoyable book.

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