Friday, June 25, 2010

Babymouse Burns Rubber (#12)

Babymouse Burns Rubber #12. Jennifer L. Holm & Matthew Holm. 2010. January 2010. Random House. 96 pages.

Where will Babymouse's imagination lead her in this next adventure? How much trouble can this little mouse get into?

In Babymouse Burns Rubber, Babymouse becomes excited about entering a local soapbox derby race. Ignoring one of the rules--that she has to build the car herself--she begs and pleads for help from her best friend in the whole world, Wilson. And even after her car is built, she is rushing trying to figure out how to drive it. Wilson is forced to come to her rescue again. And again. And again. But Wilson has his own interest in the race. In fact, this was his project first. The race means even more to him than it does to Babymouse. Can Babymouse learn the true value of friendship?

I love Babymouse. I wasn't sure I would love this one. The premise didn't thrill me. But I must say that I haven't really read a Babymouse that didn't win me over sooner or later. I guess I just can't resist Babymouse's vivid imagination.

My favorite sequence in this graphic novel is when she goes all Star Wars. (Chapter VII A New Cupcake: It is a dark time for the Rebellion. The brave pilot, Babymouse, has badgered her best friend into building her a Soap Box Derby Car. Little does she know that the villainous Chuck E. Cheetah is going to totally mop the floor with her, since he has actually practiced every day for years and she can't avoid crashing into pigpens...)

Can Babymouse use the force and "stay on target"? Read and see for yourself who the winner is!

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