Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This is Me From Now On (MG)

This Is Me From Now On by Barbara Dee. 2010. Simon & Schuster. (April 2010) 272 pages.

Sometimes your life just needs a little jolt. That's what Francesca told me once, and she was right. I mean, she was wrong about practically everything, but she was right about that. Because the more I think about it, the more I look back at all the chaos that happened last fall, it's almost like she rescued me.

Evie, our heroine, is about to enter seventh grade. So right from the start, readers know to expect drama. Evie has two best friends, Nisha and Lily. But someone new is about to enter their lives. Francesca, the girl next door. The girl who's lost in so many, many ways. Her mother is off having an adventuresome life without her. Her aunt (the one she is currently living with) is an actress (I think she's an actress anyway). Francesca's life is an unstructured mess. (Is that how Francesca wants it? Does she love this crazy independence? You be the judge.) When these two are paired together for a history assignment, poor Evie's life may never be the same...but that could be a good thing.

I liked this one. It has all the usual drama you'd expect. (Which isn't a bad thing.) While I liked Evie, I didn't always like Evie's choices. Some of this is Francesca's influence, and some of this is just Evie's own immaturity. (I'm thinking of the drama surrounding two of the teachers). How did I feel about Francesca? I liked her. I see some of her behavior through adult eyes. I think some of it was a cry for attention. I think Francesca desperately needed an adult--any adult--to love her and put her first. I think Francesca would benefit from some stability, some structure. Yet, I realize that this is an adult perspective. Still, I liked this one. I liked how the girls were able to resolve their conflict. (Something that isn't always possible in real life. Sometimes friendships don't survive middle school.) And I liked the overall message that we're all a bit flawed and that friends love us anyway.

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Mari - Escape In A Book said...

Lovely review, Becky. I've also read this book and I enjoyed it very much. If I were 12-13 years old I'm willing to bet that I would have loved it.

Francesca's situation broke my heart and I agree she needed an adult to love and guide her.