Sunday, June 06, 2010

Prometheus Project: Captured (MG)

Captured (Prometheus Project #2) Douglas Richards. Paragon Science Fiction. 256 pages.

Ryan and Regan Resnick were sure their lives had been ruined forever.

Yesterday I reviewed Trapped, the first in the Prometheus Project series by Douglas Richards. Captured begins six months after the close of Trapped. And it follows the adventures of this brother-sister team as they continue to explore an underground alien city. (Their parents--both brilliant scientists--are part of this secret project too.)

One night Ryan and Regan decide to have a sleepover in their parents' lab. (They want to skip the boring-to-them dinner party their parents are hosting.) When they awake, they learn that everyone on the project--well, everyone in the secret-city--has been captured. The alien leader--an escapee from prison--is unaware that there are two children on the loose. Can these two children save the adult members of the team? Can these two children defeat the alien threat?

I enjoyed this one. It may not be the most sophisticated book ever written. But it sure is entertaining. And is it really any more unbelievable than the series books I was reading as a kid? Not really. I think both books would be a good introduction to the science fiction genre for the younger crowd.

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