Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Sisters Red (YA)

Sisters Red. Jackson Pearce. 2010. June 2010. Little, Brown. 328 pages.

He's following me.

Scarlett and Rosie are sisters with more than a few secrets. Sisters with a (relatively) unique mission in life. To fight, fight, fight. To rid the world--well, maybe not the whole world, but their community at least--of Fenris (werewolves). You might say their introduction to this real world--the world of monsters--was quite brutal, both girls witnessed the death of their grandmother--Oma March--and this attack left Scarlett scarred inside and out. Joining them in their mission is a young guy (one that Rosie finds oh-so-dreamy), Silas. He comes from a long line of woodsmen.

But though these three fight together as a team--and are quite close in many ways--some things are changing, for better or worse. Silas and Rosie, well, they are changing. And Scarlett may have to deal with that.

I liked having both Rosie and Scarlett as narrators. When I was reading Rosie's chapters, I felt connected with her. I loved her. I could completely sympathize with her. See things from her perspective, see her side of things. Her need for her life to be more than just fighting, to be more than just battling evil. Her love for Silas. When I was reading Scarlett's chapters, I felt connected with her. I could see things from her side. Her passion--her obsession--to do anything and everything to protect people from the Fenris threat. The world may not know it's in danger--but for Scarlett, it's all too real. She can't forget for a moment, for a day, that she has a responsibility to protect others. She's a driven young woman, strong and powerful in many ways. And I have to respect that. Scarlett's choices are her own. Rosie's choices are her own. These two sisters love each other deeply, need each other deeply. But they want (and need) different things from life.

I thought Sisters Red was well-written. I would definitely recommend this one.

What do you think of the cover? I really liked this one. Though I must admit (a bit sheepishly) that it took me a few days to see the wolf on the cover!

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KM said...

This is an example of really brilliant design. Genius. The cover alone is worth the purchase price, but I'm a sucker for design.

Jennie said...

Oh, I didn't notice the wolf until you said it was there!

So, is this like what happens when Little Red Riding Hood grows up, or something completely different?

Nicole (Linus's Blanket) said...

I just noticed the wolf today when I was working on my review! Pretty clever, but so obvious now that I know it's there.