Thursday, August 05, 2010

Leaving Gee's Bend (MG)

Leaving Gee's Bend. Irene Latham. 2010. Penguin. 240 pages.

Mama pulled a chicken egg from behind the azalea bush in our front yard and narrowed her eyes. "Ludelphia Bennett! You go back in there and get your eye patch."

Historical fiction. Set in Gee's Bend, Alabama. 1932.

Ludelphia's mother is dying, and there's nothing she can do about it. That's what everyone says. But Ludelphia isn't convinced. She thinks that if she can just get a doctor--a real doctor--to come and see her mother, there might be a chance. True, Ludelphia has never left Gee's Bend, has never been to Camden. But. If there's a chance that someone could help her--no matter how small--she's got to brave it. It's scary, no doubt about it, because it isn't easy to leave Gee's Bend. It requires a ferry. Which may not be a big deal...if you're not in a hurry, if the ferry man can be found, if there hasn't been a big storm upsetting the river, if you know exactly where you're going. Ludelphia will have to brave more than just the she embarks on this journey. A journey that proves physically and emotionally demanding.

I liked this one.

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Shelley said...

The time (thirties) but not the state (Texas) of my work--I really think the 1930's are one of the most fascinating decades in our history. And sadly, history is now repeating itself.

Julie P said...

This does sound nice. Thanks for sharing, Becky!

dining tables said...

I already finished reading this book. I had a very great time reading. This is such a fun book to read. The story is so interested that is why I finish it that fast.

Kate Coombs said...

I'm wondering if this is the same Gee's Bend of the famous quilts...

Thanks for the review!

Becky said...

Kate, yes, this is the same Gee's Bend. Our heroine does quilt. And I think there's an author's note about the inspiration behind the book.